Our firm offers a wide array of consulting services. Some are focused on leadership and customer focus (your melody)! Some are focused on team and facilitation (your harmony)! Still others can assist you with the beat of continuous improvement and involve business process improvement and change management (your rhythm)! We often integrate consulting services with our training and coaching offerings to ensure:
  • a better understanding of your needs
  • greater retention of skills, processes and concepts
  • ongoing evaluation and control so that "things don't slip and people don't revert back to old habits"
Our services include:


1. Leadership Assessment
2. Succession Planning
3. Meeting Facilitation
4. Competency Development


5. Management and Team Building/Development


We also offer Change Management - customized training, consulting and coaching interventions associated with major organizational changes such as outsourcing, mergers, etc.

Consulting Services

1. Leadership Assessment - Using a variety of instruments and/or competency models will interview executives and design developmental summaries highlighting leader strengths and improvement opportunities. Can also use a 360 instrument in this process.

2. Succession Planning - Work with organizations in designing, improving or maintaining their succession planning processes that assist the organization in ensuring positive results with their efforts in identifying and developing key talent in the organization.

3. Meeting Facilitation - Work with organizations to assist in the design and development of effective meetings. Facilitate small group as well as large group sessions when the need for external support makes sense to clients. This service expands to strategic offsite meetings, process improvement meetings, functional conferences and a variety of smaller team project, problem solving, or planning/implementation meetings.

4. Competency Development - Using a variety of optional techniques work to interview key members in an organization to identify the critical competencies necessary for successful leadership (This service can also be extended to other roles in the organization).

5. Management and Team Development - Will conduct one-on-one coaching to help develop leadership skills with key individuals in organizations; will also work with self-managed teams, improvement teams and intact work groups to assist them in team building efforts and in enhancing high performance team skills.

6. Organizational/Process Improvement - Facilitation and assistance in the development, maintenance and improvement of reengineering and process improvement initiatives and teams.

7. Performance/Career Management - Assist organizations by designing and/or implementation of performance management and career management systems in the organization.

8. Customer Focused Quality Service - By careful needs assessment, develop organization tools such as job aids (along with training), to improve the customer service focus of the company. Utilize current Six Sigma approaches and more traditional TQM approaches as required.

9. Training Needs Assessment, Design and Evaluation - Work with clients to identify needs. Customize, develop or improve designs and evaluate training initiatives.


To review your consulting needs and our approach in detail:

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