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Bill Stieber Shares Strategies for Leadership, Team
and Personal/Organizational Success

Timely Topics
It is critical for you to ensure that your organization and company events are successful. For more than 20 years, Bill has been customizing specific speeches, events and retreats to ensure that you have a truly learning and entertaining event.

Bill Stieber will...

  • Interview key people in your organization to obtain a detailed picture of your goals
  • Deliver a message which supports your program or theme, integrating issues that are challenging your people.
  • Connect with solutions quickly.
  • Ignite attendees with the three E's:


Enthusiasm Entertainment

All presentations are custom-tailored to address your specific conference theme and/or meeting objective.

Ask Bill about custom-designed presentations
on total improvement
and other key change initiatives.

Timely Topics: Leadership, Teams, Success Strategies

  • Are you prepared to accept the challenges of the next decade?
  • Can you lead in an environment of chaos and change?
  • Are you making effective use of teams in achieving your results?

Want to know more about these questions?
Then consider these Timely Topics for your next meeting!

21 Tips for the 21st Century Leader
This fast-paced program features a model for leadership in the 21st century. 21 Leadership techniques to prepare leaders to work effectively in their organizations in today's workforce

Isn't It About Team?
The perfect kick-off to your annual planning retreat or quarterly meeting, this high-energy, audience-involving program will unleash communication and improve teamwork. Ideal for team-based cultures or organizations considering team-based approaches in the workplace.

Melodies for the 21st Century: Staying on Key - High Notes to Success!
This program highlights a success strategy for redesigning ourselves from a professional and personal standpoint. Improvement techniques for surviving and being proactive during the changes that will impact us in this new century are featured. Bill's unique formula, which includes memorable melodies, will provide a fresh approach to help you stay on key.

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Here's what people are saying about Bill Stieber:

During your exceptional presentation, Leading and Sustaining High Performance Teams, your insights and candor combined to provide a highly educational, thought-provoking, and inspirational message for our employees, Network Groups, Diversity Councils and clients. We have heard nothing but rave reviews and you were a major contributor to the conference's success.

Robin Anand,
SVP and Group Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexho