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Orchestrated Dynamics was established in 1992 to help organizations succeed in attaining their goals. We assess the current context of the organization and evaluate opportunities for improvement which may include defining strategy, generating conversations, designing roadmaps and aligning resources.

When implementing change management strategies we assist organizations in developing an overall change plan, sustaining the change and developing new structures and processes for optimal performance.

SOLUTIONS - We work effectively to ensure that your problems aren't solved by quick-fix and band-aid approaches. We typically conduct an assessment to understand issues and provide a long-term solution that may involve a mix of initiatives versus a short-term remedy.

REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE - Our clients see us as a solution provider. We work hard to understand the importance of the goals and priorities of the business. We also make sure we integrate hands-on and practical experiences to positively impact change, the business and individuals within the organization.

EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY - Orchestrated Dynamics provides a complete range of coaching, change, improvement and training consultation programs and products, which can be implemented as a full program or can be purchased separately. Our vast network of training partners includes trainers, change and organization development specialists, professional designers and product developers that are leading the industry. We enhance our initiatives (when applicable) with packaged training and assessments from industry leaders - Inscape Publishing, Performance Support Systems, TACT Tools, and Vital Learning.

We achieve the above results by focusing on three musical areas of a masterpiece:

Melody: Our leadership and coaching programs present techniques that assist leaders in attaining a distinct focus in the workplace and distinct message to the organization's customers.

Harmony: Effective teams operate like great orchestras - working toward common goals, respecting each other and creating symphonies of success. Our dynamic team development and team building programs and processes work toward producing high performance teamwork and improvement techniques for managing change enabling teams to move to a greater level of performance.

Rhythm: Keeping a focus on constant improvement and change helps our clients maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. Initiatives as simple as time management and as complex as Six Sigma and Organization Systems Design help integrate practical strategies for improvement to sustain that competitiveness.

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To help clients develop and maintain high performance leadership, teams and processes to successfully attain high performance results.



Over the past eight years, Mr. Stieber has served as adjunct faculty to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Corporate University: The Center for Career Development with the delivery of courses on team dynamics and quality improvement process and methods. Bill worked with CHOP's Director of Quality Improvement to design the courseware and materials for a program on QI and subsequently taught the class. He served as coach to a new supervisor with responsibility for redesigning an HR operational function and assisted the team with process change during the transition.

Mr. Stieber has been a popular facilitator, consistently achieving top ratings for subject matter expertise and teaching skill with a majority of his students. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to take a project and work it through to a successful learning outcome through his creativity, professionalism and attention to detail.

We have been very pleased with the capability and responsiveness of Orchestrated Dynamics and highly recommend Mr. Stieber and his team as a resource for innovative and well-designed learning strategies and programs, and as an expert coach in areas of process improvement.

Helen C. Krewson,
Learning & Organization Effectiveness, CHOP