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Thriving on Change In Organizations
by Bill Stieber

It's not enough to deal with change. Today you need to seize the opportunities offered by change in order to survive. This book helps you to integrate the organizational and individual issues necessary for successful change to occur.


Teaming for Improvement
by Bill Stieber

If you are a team leader or a team member, if you are seeking ways to improve your organization, start with the industry-wide information source that is practical, trustworthy and reliable.


Taking Charge
by Bill Stieber

Dynamic Professionals (including Dr. Stieber, Dr. Warren Bennis, and Jim Kouzes) share their lessons and strategies on leadership in candid and thought-provoking interviews. This book has a real “take away” value!


Proactive Project Management
CD series $18.95

Bill Stieber will review for you the key components of his published training design, "Proactive Project Management"

After listening to this CD, you will:

  • Be more proactive in Project Management
  • Develop challenging, credible and realistic schedules
  • Identify monitoring and tracking techniques
  • Implement motivating actions to gain commitment


High Impact Time Management Tips

Bill Stieber, Ph.D., international speaker, trainer, consultant coach and author reviews practical everyday tips on how to manage today's time challenges.

With Bill's CD, High Impact, you will ;

  • become proactive in your work & life
  • achieve goals through effective planning
  • manage interruptions & paperwork efficiently
  • implement practical, everyday time management tips